First blog post


I decided to embark in the blogging experience. As cliché as it sounds, I could not resist. I have read plenty of my acquaintances’ blogs and I was never really as impressed as I could have been. Reading theirs made me resent it, but there is a fire in me that is burning to write. Maybe mine will be just the same as all the others I have read.

As I sit here in my boyfriend’s oversized, camo sweater and eat my scrambled eggs and drink my glass of milk, I cannot help but wonder what my first blog should really be about. I guess I shall let the words pour out. The thunder is rumbling through the house, rain is splashing against the windows, and lighting is creepily making its way through the crack of the curtains. I cannot help but think what it is like back home. Are my friends playing joyfully in the snow? Or are they bundled up wishing they could exist some other time? I miss home, but I love it here. Here is New Orleans, Louisiana. I am staying here for the time being. It is not a small town here like where I am from. There is diversity everywhere you look. Whether it is the people or the restaraunts, it is enjoyable. My hometown is filled with people who are afraid to think differently. Not so much afraid maybe, they just have grown too comfortable with it. It is growing, though. There are a few new Chinese restaraunts…..if that counts. I enjoy venturing out, seeing, traveling, learning, and absorbing what the world has to offer. I am content with being in one place, but I am not content with sitting still. My hometown is an overall nice, quiet town to come back to. One day. The people there are kind with good hearts and intentions. My friends have slowly began to leave it. Eventually they will have all left to endure their own personal journeys as well.

I have been to New Orleans many times. New Orleans is home to my boyfriend. If it were not for spring break, I cannot help but wonder if our paths would have ever crossed. I also cannot help but wonder if they have ever previously crossed. Thinking back, I have been here quite often. I think we were bound to cross at some point. For now, this is all I will say about us.

With the life I have on Earth, there is so much I want from it. I want to be able to capture it and its people. I enjoy photography. Not like the people who do it as their jobs, but I thouroughly enjoy taking pictures. And I am pretty darn good at it….sometimes! I will write an article specifically about it one day along with pictures attached that I have taken. I have also found a joy in cooking. I am by no means a chef who can make a mouthwatering  entrée, but I can make a scrumptious parmesan crusted tilapia dish. It IS as delicious as it sounds. It is just as healthy as yummy. I love shopping, styling, and makeup, too. I think that is where being a female comes in. Typical, I KNOW. I do become mesmerized with the never ending makeup videos in my feed. I can mostly recreate them, but I am no Melly Sanchez. Aka a pretty dang good makeup geru. Look her up! I also take delight in “home decor”. Not really specifically just homes… I just have an eye for where things should go. I can put together anything, really. Well not with tools for say, but couches, blankets, pillows, wall art, you name it and I can place it. I guess I enjoy the artsy side of life. That seems like an appropriate thing to say. I am however not pursuing an artsy career. I find it all as more of a hobby. I want more for me than to paint faces all day or to design snobby rich people homes. I do not necessarily want to be a snobby rich person, but I want to do something worth remembering. Women have not always had the luxury to pursue careers of their dreams and I am not by any means going to give up the opportunity to do something magnificent. I am pursuing a career in medicine. I am not very far into this dream, but I do not plan on giving up. Having a career in medicine is probably one of the most important jobs you can have. That and education will always be a need. If the world were to go to chaos, medicine will be the number one need. If wars were to break out or if zombies were to take over (it can happen?) the need for medicine will be at an all time high. These are not necessarily the reasons for me entering this field, just some benefits, but it was my 19th year on this earth that I truly found my calling. I enjoy traveling, but it was in the midst of a trip that I really found what I was needed for. I have always known I wanted to enter the medical field. So why not combine the two? One day, when I am established, I plan to travel to countries who are not as well off as ours and do missionary work. I want to help as many and as far as I can. I did not hear a great, manly voice in my head that told me “Brianna, this is what you shall do!!”. It was more of a feeling. A feeling of the voice. It went through me and told me. It is the uttermost hardest thing to describe. I have really only had this happen to me three times to be exact. The first time it ever happened to me was when I was probably 17 years old. It was what told me to go into medicine. I was helping my younger cousin who has some extreme health problems and it dawned on me. I knew, somewhat, what I could possibly want in my life. It was not something that was easy for me to take in. I am almost as stubborn as they come. So I of course needed time to process and accept it. These were the first two encounters with “the voice”. I will tell the third time some other time.

Now that I have written the typical “about me” post, come back for more, exciting posts in the future. If you have made it this far, I appreciate you hanging on! This post started more so organized and ended pretty sloppy. It is far too late to change it now, but like I said, come back for me!



One thought on “First blog post

  1. Hi, I’ve read your blog and it is absolutely lovely! Would love to hear more about your boyfriend though, I feel like he is a real cool dude!!!


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