I sit here rummaging through my thoughts trying to collect them well enough to pour out to y’all. I can hear the wind rumbling through the oak trees that live in my front yard. The sound of a new Netflix show fills my room. I sit here calm, relaxed, content… There are so many things that I could easily start a discussion about, but what is that one discussion I am ready to poor out of me and give to y’all? At this moment, Nutella is the number one trending topic on twitter. But that is not tonight’s topic. I think the topic that is heaviest on my mind would have to be the racial issues that fill my feeds of every network.

I can honestly say that I am bored with racism. It is not fulfilling in any way. What I mean by that is, there is no way that racism, TRUE racism, is here. Yes, there is that occasional crude person who refuses to amount to anything but hatred. That is not what I mean. What I really mean is that the racism that I see filling my news feed is the kind that is used for attention. If the people promoting this racism would stop getting a rise from the people who see it, it would diminish. I have several outlooks on it:

  1. Control tactics. The racism that floods news channels, Twitter feeds, and any other networking site is control tactics by the government. I know I am being seen as a “crazy conspiracy lady”, but hear me out. Have you ever crept so hard and so far on those utterly obnoxious racist accounts? Have you gotten to the point where it just did not seem like it could even be a human? Exactly. This hatred is being wedged in there to get a rise out of people. When people cannot get along and there is chaos, it is so much easier to control. It is when people are united and whole that is uncontrollable.
  2. Attention tactics. When a person is not getting their way they are so quick to play the victim card (such as racism) rather than accepting whatever is to come. How many racism scandals did we see rolling through the headlines as soon as Trump was elected president? A ton! Which almost all came out to be “fabricated tales”. Save the bologna! I am so against the attention craving people for so many (common) reasons. For starters, people who seek this type of attention will continuously use it. Not only is it pure annoying, but I feel that it takes away from TRUE victims. Do not by any means yell wolf louder and prouder than someone who has to yell it for their own well being. It is disgusting to take it away from a real victim.
  3. Fame tactics. Recently, I saw what appeared to be a huge scandal, but was nothing to the sort. This man, Adam Saleh I do believe, posted a post that Delta Airlines was kicking him off the plane because of his ethnicity. Of course like any sympathetic human I began to feel a little outraged at this. How could such a big company be racist for no good reason?? I simply searched his name looking for a little more insight to this story before I really did get mad. It did not take me long to find that he was a YouTube prankster sensation. With a little of creeping done, I saw videos on his channel that were straight up airplane pranks. I kind of felt betrayed. He stole my sympathy and used it for his fame. I felt robbed in that instant. A man that I did not even know was able to have my thoughts and feelings in those moments. If I had went through the trouble to search  him and click through some of his videos, how many others did the same? How much did he grow with one simple post? He used racism to grow his media. It is disgusting.

These are just my biggest three reasons for modern racism. I do not in any way think this is ALL racism. I do think that the majority of it is phony, though. I would not want to take away from victims of racism in any way however and nor do I condone it. It is pretty easy to think hateful and start to say hateful things when it is suffocating you in every way. The best way to defeat it is to train yourself to love through it. It is SO easy to fight back. What does that do though….fighting back does nothing but encourage more fighting. If you cannot love, just do not respond. If everyone eventually stopped responding it would stop. If you are in fact a racist, instead of throwing that nasty look out when you see someone you do not like, just give a simple smile instead. Fill the world around you with love. Maybe, just maybe, the world could be a simpler place. Things are happier when you choose to let go of whatever stupid, racist thing you saw on twitter. I am not saying you have to surround yourself with people who you would not typically surround yourself with, but just give them that simple smile. ~Anger, outrage, and retribution are NOT justice.~ Use the truth of a situation to fight for justice. Do not feed your people, your supporters, with a lie. It only encourages outrage. 

Sorry to brain dump on y’all, but it is nice to lay it out on paper. If you have any thoughts about the today’s racism, or anything really, I would LOVE to read them!


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