“That girl”

We ALL have “that girl”. Whether she be a person that you are completely fond of or she be a girl that you simply cannot stand.

To the girl who can be that girl others look up to: thank you. Thank you for being such an admirable human being. Thank you for having grace and the ability to adapt to the changing world around you yet maintain the softness of your heart.

Be that girl others can look up to. Be that girl that the elementary students drool over. Be something worth looking up to. Let being referred to as “that girl” not be a bad thing. Bring meaning to it, too.

To “that girl” that I looked up to: You had long, pretty hair, but that didn’t define you. You surrounded yourself with those with just as high spirits as you. You always had a smile on your face and you laughed often. You were an easy person to look up to. You kept your personal life private. Never did anyone hear of bad things happening to you nor the bad things you did. Only the occasional fun you were having. You didn’t give anyone a word to say of you. So when a rumor of you was amongst everyone, there was never questioning whether it was true or not. You gave the world just enough taste of you.

To the girl that others shouldn’t look up to: You wallow in self-pity. You find a problem in everyone and everything. You think the world revolves around you and if the attention is not on you, you find a way to make it. You’re more about yourself than you should be and you think you’re the best at everything.

Don’t be that girl anymore. You put the sighs behind “that girl”. You are “that girl” that rolls of the tongue and leaves a bitter feeling in those who around. You are that girl that young people will look up to and then mimic. Be that girl you always wanted to be, but not “that girl” you are now.

To “that girl” I despised: You were SO quick to put those around you down. Some drew closer to you for this, and other pushed away. You admired both of these people because either way you had their attention. You blamed those who pushed away to be jealous in nature. You spread catty rumors of them making it appear they were to be the bad guy. You made me feel hate. Feeling hate for someone is something I don’t like doing.  But you filled me with it and it made you happy. When you saw those who disliked you move on, you would find ways to squeeze back in and bring them down. I was never in a position to be robbed by you. I kept good feelings between us to mellow out my time spent there. I sat in the background and listened. Just watched. You kept proving you were “that girl” and you were too big headed to see that. Maybe one day you will let it all go and be “that girl” you should’ve been, until then, find yourself and just watch those around you.


It is wild to think that you have been “that girl” to someone. Someone has seen you from both sides of the spectrum. I find that crazy.


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