Binge Worthy

Hi! I decided to compile a list of what I think are some “binge-worthy” shows for all you Netflix goers.

  1. Gossip Girl- this was my first true binge watching show and I LOVED it.
  2. 90210- probably the best to watch after finally getting done with GG.
  3. One Tree Hill- You will grow such a connection to these characters. Probably more than the ones from GG.
  4. Hart of Dixie- a cute fun show to help you get over the first three.
  5. Prison Break- maybe you just need a break from all these girls shows! This is the one. It’s intense and keeps you on your toes.
  6. Orange is the New Black- maybe you’re feeling a tad edgy after Prison Break, but you’re needing your girls back…
  7. New Girl- just a fun fling you might have been missing.
  8. The Walking Dead- That deep connection you have been missing, but no intensity has compared to this…
  9. Switched At Birth- a much needed relaxing show after TWD.
  10. Pretty Little Liars- Nothing will ever compare to GG, but this was a good reminder of what it was like (kinda).
  11. American Horror Story- for when you crave something a little bizarre and freaky.
  12. Secret Life- if you get tired of freaky and want to get close to a show again.
  13. The OA- if you want to watch a season of confusion.
  14. The 100- if you need some more non-girly action.
  15. Dexter- to fill your inner crazy


Here are 15 shows that I personally enjoyed. Feel free to comment your favorite shows and give me some more to watch! Happy Sunday!


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