Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, But NOT his choice.

The topic of abortion is not something I am necessarily comfortable with and nor do I know where I fully stand. I do however disagree with the place men try to take on the subject. I disagree with a man thinking it is acceptable to think he has a say. Maybe it is because I am tired of men thinking they can speak for women. I am tired of men thinking they can continuously speak for all women, make laws for women, and control them. Whatever laws set into place about a woman, should have a woman in the deciding factor. I think it is okay for a man to care, but I find it odd how there are men groaning and moaning about the subject when these women don’t concern them. If a couple conceives a child, then the man should have a say in HIS child. He has, and is owed, his right to the child conceived. If the woman wants to terminate the pregnancy, I think the man has every right to disagree and fight it. But when men get together and try to prevent women from doing it, when they know nothing about their situation, it is bothersome. The more I continue this post, the more I come to realization that I am against abortion. Less than 5% of rape victims conceive from the incident. I personally know someone who had a child from being raped and that baby is the best thing that has ever happened to her. So it is hard to argue for rape victims who become pregnant when a beautiful thing was created from such a horrible incident. BUT I disagree with that being my choice for another woman. Just like I disagree with it being a mans. I choose to see the beauty in these situations, but that doesn’t mean everyone else does, or can. Maybe there are women who suffer through these tragedies and try so hard to continue seeing the beauty, but they can’t because they were so torn apart by another human being. Maybe for them, they can’t look at a child conceived out of hatred without feeling trapped in the situation. It’s sad. Whatever reason for abortion to be considered, I can’t imagine it being easy for a woman. Maybe a rape victim fears her child will grow up to be their father and will have to be responsible for the chaos her child creates. Maybe she’s afraid of creating the monster she was took advantage of. Maybe she considered adoption, but fears that whoever adopts the child will be left with a monster in the making. There are studies proving that behavior is genetic. So all these scenarios are a true possibility. But really and truly, I would hope to be stronger than that. I would like to think that I’d have a little more faith in the human that was growing inside of me. I would hope that along with the nutrients my body would provide, I would also give so much love that the baby was more me than a man that hurt me. Maybe behind all the horror these victims faced, they forgot what faith feels like. It’s sad. Abortion because of rape is what I imagine to be the number one cause. That isn’t the case though. As I mentioned above, abortions due to rape are less that 5%. Very few women conceive from it. The leading causes for abortion, are in my opinion, due to being selfish. More people who are irresponsible choose to have an abortion. Some of the reasons for the majority of abortions are; “concerned how a baby would change her life, can’t afford a baby now, would interfere with career…”. To me, those are all very selfish reasons. If you are capable of having sex and don’t take the necessary precautions to prevent the conception of a child, you should bare your child. Just because a pregnancy would “inconvenience” you that doesn’t mean you should be able to end its life. That baby is a life you don’t deserve. Someone out there would love the baby the way it is supposed to be. Maybe you used birth control, protection, even the morning after pill just in case and you STILL got pregnant. If you did all those things and you still got pregnant, I think you were meant to have that baby. Don’t try to fight it at that point. I think there is a reason for the child that was conceived. You probably need the baby so much more than you could ever imagine. I understand most men see that if they were to murder a pregnant woman they’d be charged with a double homicide, so why should a woman be able to abort a child? Good point! That is where the line becomes hazy to me. Part of me just thinks “that’s just how the cookie crumbles”and the other really feels that there needs to be a line drawn. Why can someone not get charged with aborting their child, but when someone else does it, it’s murder? I agree, that is not equality. Why should a drug user be charged for having given birth to a baby who’s addicted to drugs if there are women out their getting rid of their baby because it inconveniences them? It’s not fair. Maybe that is why these men feel so angered by it. I think abortions should only be allowed for special cases. If the woman is not suited to bare a child and it is life threatening for her, then her and her doctor need to decide that. I think a doctor should be apart of every abortion decision. Rape victims deserve a choice. If early on, the baby is tested and is predicted to have severe health problems, the choice should lie between the doctor and the mother. That is something I personally disagree with due to what I have experienced, but again, I think that is a case that I shouldn’t have a say in. If you are one of the few special cases, I think your insurance should cover the costs, but if you are someone who is going to have an abortion for personal reasons; that should be a bullet you have to bite. You shouldn’t have anything paid for.I can’t even imagine how selfish one can be to end their child’s life for personal reasons and then to go on and expect the expenses to be covered, that is just someone so vain I can’t even fathom. I just find it sad how women are marching for the right of abortion, when there are so many women who have problems conceiving. When there are women out there who aren’t allowed to have all the children they want or when women are being beaten and killed. There are women who don’t have the luxury of having children and women are parading around for abortion. It is just embarrassing and disrespectful to women as a whole. Abortions are also awful for you if I might include. I think the crazier feminist get, the more desensitized this world becomes. If you want to grow out your armpit hair and march for our equal rights, jolly, but don’t go on a killing spree because you feel it’s your God forsaken right. Babies are human, too. At the end of the day, I agree, it IS your right as a woman to choose the destiny for your child, but don’t make the decision in spite of a man.



This post became extremely jumbled, but feel free to comment your side and your fight. All opinions and beliefs are welcomed and I hope you respect mine the way I respect yours.


3 thoughts on “Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, But NOT his choice.

  1. Good thoughts, Bri! I think you’re working through some important things here. Keep it up.

    I hope to post an article to my website next week in this same topic and how a daycare at UTT can make a difference in a woman’s choice and hope.

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouraging words! It isn’t often that someone receives encouragement about such a controversial topic. A daycare would be excellent! I do not have children, but I have friends who do and I have witnessed the struggles they’ve encountered due to wanting to continue on their education but are alone in the process. I think a daycare is a push in the right direction for needing mothers. I look forward to reading your post!

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