Teacher’s Kid

Being a teacher/coaches daughter, I’ve always had ears on both side of things. I’ve learned to listen and most definitely how to keep my mouth closed. There are some things that I can shake off, but seeing/hearing players slander my parent, the coach, is something I’ve ever been able to take lightly. Just remember, coming to Facebook, twitter, Instagram, the locker room to vent about how awful your coach is, isn’t going to change the fact that you lost. Stop finding other people to blame and take a look in the mirror. I can promise you, a coaches intentions isn’t for you lose or perform poorly. If this was the case, they wouldn’t be bending over backwards and taking time and money and be putting it into the team/classroom. They wouldn’t sacrifice the time they could be spending with their family and be placing it into the students if they wanted you to fail. The bad attitudes failed you, the team, your chance. The coming to Facebook to blame your coach is what failed you . The parents condoning this is what failed you. If you are a parent, and you do condone your child to slander their teacher/coach, shame on you because never should you allow that. That teacher/coach you think so poorly about, is who your child is in the classroom/field with every single day. So how about you stop belittling the person you send your child to. This person is molding your child into a better human being and yet people have the audacity to undermine this. If it is so awful, pull your child and place them somewhere else. Otherwise, stop coming to Facebook to complain about the teacher and start encouraging the teacher/coach who you send YOUR child to. I hope that one day children are raised to accept their own failures and stop placing them on someone else. I hope that parents stop putting their child on a pedestal and stop acting as if their child is the holy one who makes no mistakes. I hope that one day the people doing this realize that they’re the reason that students entering the educational field is at an all time low (4.2%) and the lowest that it’s ever been.
Being a teacher’s child has never been a walk in a park, but one thing that I’ve gained from it is knowing how to respect authority and to know my place in this world. If you think it’s unfair that your high school teacher doesn’t stop the entire class so you can read that section that you were supposed to read for homework or that coach who won’t let you play in a game because you missed three out of the five practices in one week….I promise you won’t last in college. Jokes on you for thinking the world revolves around you. Yes I’m a teachers/coached kid and I’m sick of it.


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