It’s SO easy getting caught up in what you think the world owes you.  But newsflash! You’re only owed death. Exciting, huh? There’s a one in four million chance that you were created and I promise you that if anything were to have gone differently when you were created, you wouldn’t be here. So start acting like you’re thankful to walk this earth. I often hear the people around me complain about things they don’t have as if they are owed them. 

You aren’t owed parents who love you. It’s a sad fact and and even sadder reality for some people. I have parents who love me, but not everyone is granted with that blessing. You’re parents deserve it to you to love and provide for you, but they don’t owe it to you. I have friends who have parents who don’t love them and have never loved them and then I have friends who’s parents give them everything at the stomp of a foot. What really gets me is that my friends who have never been handed anything in their life are 10x more thankful and appreciative than the ones who’ve been handed everything. It sickens me to see how someone can act as if their parents owe them a car, their school, their phone, and even the clothes on their back when there are people who don’t even have the love and support from their family. If your parents are this giving, give them a hug. Love them, appreciate them, cherrish them.  Be thankful for them and be eager to listen to them. Show them you respect them. A little bit of respect goes a LONG way. 

You are not owed friendships. It’s so easy to become bitter when so-and-so doesn’t want to be your friend, but newsflash! You aren’t owed it. Friendships make a hard life a little less challenging. They help you through the hard times all through the kindness of their hearts. So to expect someone else to go out of the way for you is a little pushing it. It’s okay to expect someone to go as far for you as you would them, but you aren’t owed this. When you stop getting upset about not receiving the things you think you deserve, a weight gets lifted off your shoulders. 

You aren’t owed “you’re person”. I’m blessed enough to have found “my person”, but he doesn’t owe me a thing. You’re person doesn’t owe you, either. My person continuously gives me his love and patience every single day that we have been together. He could rip me of this at any second and my world would be crumbled. His love for me is what keeps him faithful to me. You’re person doesn’t  owe you patience, faithfulness, love…the whole works. They deserve it to you, but it’s not something that you’ll automatically be given. If you can’t constantly be giving these things then how can you expect to be given these things. I often see people “playing around” and then become hysterical when their person doesn’t treat them with the love they think deserve. How twisted is that? You may be being the sweetest you’ve ever been, but people can feel what you give. They can feel you not giving 100%. You get what you put in. 

The world does not owe you. It’s so easy to be pissed that you got cut off, but then when you do it, you can throw your hand up and wave and it’ll all be okay? Nope! Stop thinking you’re above the world. You’re not. Be patient. Be kind. Be loving. People think the world will be so easy on them and they’ll be able to do this and that effortlessly. The world does not provide for you if you don’t put good things in. If bad things keep happening to you, take a step back and look where your heart is. Maybe you aren’t doing bad things, but if your heart is bad, that’s the problem. It doesn’t matter what you do if your soul is turning ugly. If you criticize every human being that comes into sight, the world is turning you cold. Give give give, love love love. You can’t expect good things to come your way if your sending bad vibes into the world. 

I recently was overcome with a lot of negative feelings. I had to take a step back and realize everything good that I have is not owed to me. It’s okay to get wrapped up in ugly, but make sure you catch yourself before you end up on a downhill spiral. Realizing these things make me thankful I have the parents who provide for me, friendships that bend over backwards for me, and my person that loves me unconditionally. I find it a necessity to list out all the things I’ve been graciously given so I can see how blessed I am. I’m thankful I’m provided for, but I’m even more thankful that I have the ambition to provide myself with these things. 


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